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The radiology team is an integral part of Memorial Hospital of Carbon County (MHCC).

Our highly trained and experienced team offers multiple services and collaborates with almost every department and specialty to serve our patients.

Our services include:

X-ray: all general x-rays from head to toe.
Ultrasound: vascular studies, obstetrics, abdomen, pelvic, breast and biopsies.
MRI: brain, upper and lower extremities, MRAs and MRCPs.
CT: CTAs, trauma and routine diagnostic, and bone density scans.
Digital mammography: screening and diagnostic mammograms, and breast needle localization.
Therapeutic spine injections.
Fluoroscopy: upper and lower gastrointestinal studies, needle injections and arthrograms.

Our radiology teams work with patients of all ages. We look forward to serving your imaging needs

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